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As a result of the training that Fitness with Grace provides, clients get fitter, faster and stronger for daily life whilst reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle.

Personal Trainer, Dancer & Choreographer, Grace Turner also has professional qualifications in Sports Conditioning, Nutrition, Padwork Boxing, TRX Suspension Training, Powerplate Fundamentals and Spin Instruction.

Grace can offer you training to achieve: Fat Loss  |  Toning  |  Body Confidence  |  Muscle Gain  |  Cardio training  |  Posture correction  |  Dance  |  HIIT Training  |  Sports Conditioning.

From a young age Grace has had an interest in movement, creatively and functionally. Growing up in Wales she attended sport and dance classes of all kinds to maintain her variety in her practice.

Grace knows how easy it is to forget that our bodies are built for functionality. Modern day life affects our posture and eating habits considerably and in some cases so negatively that we are getting weaker and unhealthier by the day.

Decreasing bad habits will result in a chance of better health and less discomfort that usually appears in later life when it can be avoided all together.

Grace moved to London in 2009 to take on a BA (Hons) in Dance Studies at Middlesex University. This is where she learned of the stigma behind the dance industries mental and physical health. Standing in front of a mirror and being constantly judged for up to 10 hours a day is an overwhelming experience for anyone, let alone a vulnerable group of 18-20 years olds. For Grace, being a confident young person from a somewhat sheltered upbringing, the superficial nature of the industry that was thrust upon her highlighted the ever growing need for acceptance and perfection in young people. Being exposed to eating disorders and depression was a new experience and something that Grace didn’t realise at the time would be her driving force to make a difference through her Personal Training business.

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BA (hons) Dance Studies

YMCA Advanced Diploma in Personal Training

YMCA Nutrition

YMCA Sports Conditioning

YMCA Padwork Boxing

YMCA TRX Suspension Training

MOSH Powerplate Fundamentals

Spin Instruction