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Alex - Music Manager

Grace&Alex - Client

Aim: Build Strength & Cardio

“I can’t recommend Grace highly enough, she has completely changed how I approach my work outs. Grace paid close attention to the specific areas I wanted to focus on and designed a programme that targeted exactly what I wanted to change. After a full consultation and assessment she devised an entirely new routine for me that is really challenging but easy to follow. I learnt a huge amount about technique and how to really get the most out of my work outs. I can already see and feel the benefits and I now genuinely enjoy going to the gym more than ever before”

Barbara - Retired

Grace & Barbara Client

Aim: Build Strength & Core Stability

“It has been over two years since I began regular weight & flexibility sessions with Grace. What a life changer!
Heading for my mid-60’s I feel stronger than I did in my 20’s. Life is a mystery so there could be decades ahead and being strong & healthy really matters.
Grace has been creative, smart & reliable as my PT.
Grace listens, if I have a tight muscle, a trapped nerve, a sore joint or just feel stiff at the start of a session I feel great by the end…loosened and strengthened.
Grace’s ability to adapt her session plans is legendary. She fits around my needs, allowing me the right time to recover between sets (a little longer than in my 20’s!). Building power matters, not just to me but it has impressed my singing teacher and benefitted my grandson.. thank you Grace!”

David - Engineer

Grace&David Client

Aim: Leg Training, Posture & Health

“Working with Grace has opened my eyes to my own capabilities and has helped to change my perspective of what it truly means to be “fit”. After years of weight training and weight training alone I am now converted to the virtues of balance. Our sessions are dynamic yet retain an air of honesty about them, I feel like every ounce of energy I spend is worth spending because the results are tangible. She has even convinced me to give up the demon tobacco! That’s right, Grace probably saved my life… I all honesty what started out as something I thought might be a “bit of a laff” has become a life changing experience and for that I am truly thankful.”

Helen - Retired


Aim: Pre & Post Operation Recovery

“I was having a total hip replacement and in a lot of pain with arthritis. Grace helped me to do gentle exercise in the training pool before the op.  She was patient and flexible and gave me the confidence that things would get better. Then she came to my home once I was discharged from hospital and helped me to do the recommended rehab exercises.  Then when I was able to go back to the gym, she encouraged me with a programme that soon got everything moving again and made me feel stronger and more resilient.  And it was even good fun!  She kept reminding me how restricted I had been before the op and how much better I was afterwards.

I can’t recommend Grace highly enough, and advise anyone planning a hip replacement operation to get in touch with her and ask her to help with the recommended level of exercise that you can achieve.”



Aim: Tone Up

“When we think about inspirational people we often talk about teachers, politicians and sports people.  I have key people that I admire and look up to as well – Maya Angelou, Tony Benn to name just a few.  However, I am also inspired by people who have changed my life in small ways.  My father is one – he has had cancer three times and is a stubborn old git and turns 85 this year.  His tenacity and struggle with cancer made me decide to take part in a 10km run to raise money for cancer research.  The idea of me running further than for the bus was met with disbelief by my friends – this was the girl who laughed at exercise and lived on coffee and sweet things.  Well I was determined to prove them wrong – I started eating healthily, put myself on a running regime and started to enjoy running rather than seeing it as something to get through.  I ran two 10km races for cancer charities and would run for fun – thanks dad you made me healthy.  I stopped running a couple of years ago and joined my local gym – again my friends couldn’t believe this was the girl who had never set foot in a gym.  I did classes and started to enjoy going but was never really sure I was doing anything right!  I wanted to look toned rather than lose weight and get things in the right place.  Well that’s when I met Grace – my other inspiration.  We got on straight away – and I am hooked.  Two and a half year’s later my body shape has changed and I am doing things I never thought I could do!  She has made me challenge myself, built up my self esteem and got me hooked!  I can squat with ridiculous amounts of weight, my muscles are defined and toned, I can wear shorts in the gym and I almost like what I see in the mirror.  I never thought having a personal trainer would change how I felt about myself or give me the confidence that I now have so thanks Grace.”