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GRACE TURNER - Personal Trainer and Founder

Grace moved to London in 2009 to take on a BA (Hons) in Dance Studies at Middlesex University. This is where she learned of the stigma behind the dance industries mental and physical health. Standing in front of a mirror and being constantly judged for up to 10 hours a day is an overwhelming experience for anyone, let alone a vulnerable group of 18-20 years olds. For Grace, being a confident young person from a somewhat sheltered upbringing, the superficial nature of the industry that was thrust upon her highlighted the ever growing need for acceptance and perfection in young people. Being exposed to eating disorders and depression was a new experience and something that Grace didn’t realise at the time would be her driving force to make a difference through her Personal Training business.

Grace knows how easy it is to forget that our bodies are built for functionality. Modern day life affects our posture and eating habits considerably and in some cases so negatively that we are getting weaker and unhealthier by the day.

Decreasing bad habits will result in a chance of better health and less discomfort that usually appears in later life when it can be avoided all together.

As a result of the training that Grace provides, clients get fitter, stronger and faster for daily life, whilst reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle.

ROWAN IKASAYA - Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist

Rowan has been working in health and wellbeing for over ten years as a yoga teacher, sports massage therapist and personal trainer. She has a wealth of experience and offers a holistic approach, that incorporates healthy lifestyle, mindfulness & motivation and carefully designed programs, to optimise fitness, strength and mobility.

Rowan’s background as a contemporary dancer, yoga teacher and sports massage therapist, gives her an in depth and hands on knowledge of the body. She has helped many clients with various goals including; weight loss, conditioning & flexibility for runners, injury rehabilitation and strength coaching. As a mum of two, Rowan has first hand experience of postnatal training after caesarean section. As a result, she has helped lots of other mums on the journey to reconnect to their core strength postnatally. Rowan aims to keep training creative and fun whilst most importantly being effective in meeting each persons individual goals.

ALICE BOWMAKER - Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor

Alice will help you to enjoy your body again by sharing her secrets on how to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance and flexibility. Combining this with intelligently using the breath, you will discover exercise to be your greatest ally and completely change your perspective on your body forever. Finishing the session with meditation & relaxation, Holistic Personal training ensures that you feel strong on the inside and the outside.

Alice can specifically help you with:

  • Developing Core Strength

  • Increasing Flexibility, Strength & Cardio

  • Body Confidence

  • Holistic and Enjoyable Nutrition

  • Pre-post natal exercise

STEPH PLUNKETT - Personal Trainer

Sport and exercise has always been a passion of Steph’s, from dancing and cheerleading to football and triathlons. She loves to challenge her mind and body and stay active, and it is a privilege to be able to share her passion for movement with so many others.

Steph has a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology, which has given her a unique understanding of individual differences in motivation and how best to design programmes to suit clients’ needs and goals. She believes it is important to be holistic when designing programmes and incorporate all areas of a clients’ life to ensure both mental and physical wellbeing can be enhanced.

BIANCA VALIER - Personal Trainer

Bianca’s fitness journey started as a personal one – the gym became her escape. That one hour a day where she could zone out and do something for herself. This is where Bianca found her love for weight training.

She decided to take up a career in fitness 5 years ago and completed a level 3 in personal training and nutrition.

Bianca is passionate about the benefits of weight training, both mentally and physically. She aims to get rid of the stigma around lifting heavy, encouraging women to feel powerful and confident, whilst reaching their fitness goals.

Bianca specialises in strength training, fat burning and body sculpting.

ZACK FOX- Personal Trainer

‘A man on a mission to help beginners become athletes.’

Zack has dedicated his career to helping people learn and grow within their fitness journey, to avoid the same mistakes he made when he started training regularly.

He specialises is building muscle tone, with a focus on injury rehab. Regardless of your fitness level, age, gender, or degree of injuries, Zack can help you progress into a healthier lifestyle, where you are left feeling strong.

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