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Personal Trainer & Running Instructor

With a degree in Psychology and then going on to train in Humanistic Counselling Max decided to then spend a decadent decade working in television production. This was followed by more years than she cares to note in Event and Project management, before moving into full time PT-ing in her 40’s. Yes, she is legally old enough to buy alcohol.

A qualified weightlifting and running coach, along side her L3 PT. She’s managed to complete more than 200 races, including 93 marathons and ultras (the longest race being 100 miles) When she’s not out on the trails, or pounding the pavements of London Town, she will have a barbell in her hands… well that, or a glass of wine.

I pride myself on supporting clients as they go from ‘I hated PE at school’ to badass! That moment a client looks at you when they cannot believe what they have just achieved. If I could bottle the feeling I get, I’d be a rich woman. 

Max Cotterell-East


  • PT L2 & L3
  • UK athletics and UKSCA Weightlifting