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Zack Fox

Personal Trainer

‘A man on a mission to help beginners become athletes.’

Zack has dedicated his career to helping people learn and grow within their fitness journey, to avoid the same mistakes he made when he started training. His ethos is around building a healthy lifestyle which is sustainable considering the average hectic work schedule.

Through free weight exercises & without the need of screaming or scaring clients he has helped a variety of committed individuals improve energy levels, body composition, sleep, & posture. Most importantly Zack encourages working towards feeling good over looking good.

Alongside elite PT sessions all clients of Zack Fox Fitness receive exclusive content on nutrition, injury rehab, sleep, result checklists & workout programme’s to follow at home or in the gym. “These days you can get a workout from Instagram. Youtube or online. If I am to help clients make a change I need to do more. I need to be a coach, one who tailors the service and pushes for improvement in every aspect of their life. Both mental & physical.”

I started training with Zack a few years ago to build muscle (and weight). For my whole life, I’d hated exercise. But now, I’ve been working out multiple times a week for years! He converted me to someone who enjoys exercise and who’s no longer scared about gaining healthy weight. And I can do pull ups!

Naomi Johnson


  • Level 3 qualified NASM
  • HITT Training
  • Padwork
  • Kettlebell Training
  • First Aid at Work
  • Speed Power & Reaction Training
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