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At Fitness with Grace, we think the life changing benefits of strength-training can be achieved at any stage of life – whatever your fitness level.

Our team of accomplished, highly qualified personal trainers are united by their belief in body-positive exercise. They have been brought together into one space by Grace Turner, a former professional dancer who has spent 10 years bringing sustainable fitness and nutrition advice to women of all ages.  

Our fully fitted studio, in leafy Newington Green, is designed to create a safe, welcoming environment, allowing our clients to feel happy, comfortable, and helping to build a healthy exercise habit.

We specialise in:

Strength Training  |  Core Strength  |  Flexibility | Cardio  |  Body Confidence  |  Nutritional Advice  |  Holistic Healthcare | Pre and Post-Natal Conditioning  |  Fat Burning  |  Weight Loss | Body Sculpting  |  Injury Rehab  |  Runners Conditioning

What’s so great about strength-training?

Whether you want to achieve muscle tone, work on injuries, improve your cardiovascular fitness or improve your body confidence, strength training is a highly effective, efficient conditioning technique.

  • Strength training tones your muscles, to reverse the muscle loss that happens as we get older. Starting now will maximise the long-term effects.
  • It helps strengthen your bones, increasing bone density and reducing the risk of fractures – especially important for women.
  • It can maintain or improve flexibility in your joints, helping to minimise symptoms of arthritis.
  • It can help you develop a better sense of balance, something that can often decline with age.
  • Increased muscle will cause your body to burn calories more efficiently, helping you to control your weight.

And with significant, measurable results, strength training is incredibly rewarding, offering long-term benefits – whether you’re 25 or 85.

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