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Personal Trainer

As a qualified L3 PT and Self Defence Instructor, Fran is driven by the belief that everyone should have the right to access movement in ways and spaces that suit and empower them – while having a good time doing it!
With a background in the Performing Arts world, they have experienced a lot of negativity surrounding body image and “fitness” and is now dedicated to helping people find or rediscover positive movement in their bodies as well as being HAES aligned.

“Fran is a fantastic coach who is all about helping you feel your best. Training is the perfect mix of challenging and fun, with an open approach that actively invites you to build in anything that will make it even more enjoyable; I love padwork and being able to throw that in at the end of some fierce strength training was an unexpected delight. No matter how tired I am when I walk in, I leave every session high on endorphins, excited for the next.”