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At the heart of Grace Turner’s practice is the fact that, quite simply, our bodies are built for functionality – but the fitness and beauty industry too often concentrate on unrealistic ideals over achievable, sustainable health. 

As a former professional dancer, Grace’s driving force to make a difference through body-positive personal training came from her experience of the dance industry’s issues around mental and physical health, eating disorders and body perfectionism.

“On top of the pressures of media and social media, modern life negatively impacts everything from our posture to our eating habits,” says Grace. “For some of us, that means getting weaker and less healthy every day. I just don’t accept it has to be that way – there’s never a better time to take control of our bodies than right now!” 

Ditching bad habits and building sustainable fitness habits, with a focus on strength training, mean a strong chance better health now and less of the discomfort that can occur in later life. 

“I have an insatiable drive to help people, and I pour this energy into my clients’ goals, whatever they are. Enabling my clients to achieve their health, fitness or lifestyle dreams is as rewarding for me as it is for them.”

Grace Turner

Fitness with Grace is about self-confidence, health and wellbeing. And Grace’s many longstanding clients have seen the results: getting fitter, stronger and faster for daily life, while reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle. In other words: better functioning bodies for the long term.

To find out what strength-training can do for your body, book a free trial session with Grace or one of her team today.


Prices & Packages

1-1 Training Sessions

Weekly 1 hour private training sessions, to help you reach your goals.

  • 10 Sessions  = £650
  • 5 Sessions = £350
  • 1 Session = £80

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