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Personal Trainer

Hannah has always had a passion for being active, and is driven to help others find this same enjoyment in movement, whilst improving their health and wellbeing. Her own training incorporates a mixture of weight lifting, calisthenics (body weight exercise), mobility and running and she often brings elements of these into her clients training programmes to meet their specific goals and interests. She is also pre and post natal qualified, helping women to thrive at all stages in their life. Her goal is to help the gym shy find confidence in the weights room, challenge their expectations of what they can achieve and ultimately feel proud of what their body can do.


Outside of the gym Hannah loves the outdoors, and will often take on multi-day hikes or cycles to spend time in nature and mentally and physically challenge herself. She loves to encourage her clients to find their own joy in movement, whatever it may be, and help them to find ways to incorporate this into their lives outside of their PT sessions.


Friendly and inclusive team & space. Grace and her team are excellent; I have been coming here for almost a year now, and Hannah has encouraged me to change my expectations of myself & my perception of what I can achieve. Great location as well!