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Client Testimonials

At Fitness With Grace our clients go on a journey. Whatever your starting point, whether this is your first time training or you want to come to us for a change of scene – you will notice the difference within weeks. Our trainers will make sure you have fun while getting fitter, stronger and faster. But, don’t take our word for it, here are the stories from our beloved clients.


Barbara - Retired

“For nearly a decade and with over 1000 personal training sessions under my ‘gym’ belt, I can say that investment in my strength, balance and posture has been worth every pound. Feeling comfortable running upstairs, catching a bus, picking up hefty bags, carrying my suitcase… all make living my retired life rich and happy. The challenge I face now is getting my husband to stop asking me to carry his bags too! Grace has been with me throughout. She is patient, observant, kind and funny. Laughter is a great motivator. Grace listens & interprets my needs like the professional she is. The studio equipment is not overwhelming. Women can be fearful of gyms, gym kit, PT’s, muscles…. Fitness with Grace takes that fear away.”

David - Engineer

“Working with Grace has opened my eyes to my own capabilities and has helped to change my perspective of what it truly means to be “fit”. After years of weight training and weight training alone I am now converted to the virtues of balance. Our sessions are dynamic yet retain an air of honesty about them, I feel like every ounce of energy I spend is worth spending because the results are tangible. She has even convinced me to give up the demon tobacco! That’s right, Grace probably saved my life… I all honesty what started out as something I thought might be a “bit of a laff” has become a life changing experience and for that I am truly thankful.”



“I used to go to classes and started to enjoy going but was never really sure I was doing anything right! I wanted to look toned rather than lose weight and get things in the right place. Well that’s when I met Grace.We got on straight away – and I am hooked. Over the seven years that I had been training with Grace, my body shape has changed and I am doing things I never thought I could do! She has made me challenge myself, built up my self esteem and got me hooked! I can squat with ridiculous amounts of weight, my muscles are defined and toned, I finally feel comfortable wearing shorts in the gym. I never thought having a personal trainer would change how I felt about myself or give me the confidence that I now have, so thanks Grace.”

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